How to Sleep Well: 5 Useful Ways to Sleep Better

Exactly like every animal being hosted on this extraordinary planet, we too need to feed ourselves, to hydrate ourselves and to breathe. Is not something missing? Ah yes, right, we need to rest!

And for human beings sleep better is a fundamental indicator of general health and well-being. This is because we spend a third of our life sleeping and it is therefore important, if not essential, to do it better.

If we can not rest properly, we lack the energies to perform well the tasks and activities we have to do during the day. The result? We hurt her, without desire and the mood is negatively affected.

But what are the most relevant options to understand how to sleep well at night? Fortunately there are many scientific studies that explain everything you need to know to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Well: 5 Tricks for a Serene Sleep

1. Try to understand exactly how many hours of sleep you need to have:

Most of us know that sleeping well at night is important, but too few of us actually do those eight hours under the covers. It happens because we forget too often what it means to be really rested, so much so that we do not even remember what it means to wake up in the morning with the desire to break the world.

To complicate matters we put the fact that we are used to going to sleep after taking stimulating drinks like a cup of coffee and a glass of energy drinks. Not to mention the fact that the external lights, those coming from the electronic devices and the alarm clock interfere with our circadian rhythm and the natural sleep-wake cycle.

How long do we have to sleep? The need for the amount of sleep is particularly influenced by lifestyle, personal health, and age. To determine it is important to evaluate and examine these three factors and not only the working hours and stress that we carry within.

Eighteen among the most experienced scientists and researchers of the National Sleep Foundation have talked about it to form a research group with the task of updating official documents. The team was made up of speakers, sleep specialists and representatives of leading organizations in the field, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Chest Psysicians.

3. How to Sleep Well Using Some Essential Techniques.

The beauty of returning home after a whole day spent between the university school desks and the desk of an office is the ability to devote, finally, to personal well-being. The evening is the moment when the outside world can no longer affect us and frighten us with its load of responsibility that delegates us on our shoulders, leaving us free to relax.

Always if we succeed. True?

And that’s how we can help with some techniques and tricks that allow us a delicate and peaceful transaction towards our longed-for and comfortable mattress.

One of these consists in arranging between the covers with a good book in hand, preferably a narrative genre, a nice hot cup of herbal tea and the delicate scent of a lavender essential oil.

4. Pomerisian Lies

When was the last time you managed to make yourself a nice and pleasant nap? Did you know it’s the best time to invigorate your body and mind?

We talked about it in several articles on this site: integrating night-time rest with that afternoon after lunch, allows you to recover from the fatigue, physical and mental, of a morning seasoned by stress.