The benefits of yoga for health

What are the benefits of Yoga for our health? What benefits can we obtain by constantly practicing Yoga?

Yoga is a science, born in India many millennia ago, which deals with the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the human being.  Although lately, it has become fashionable in the West. We must remember that this sport is not pure and simple gymnastics but it contains much deeper meanings.

In fact, the word Yoga derives from the Sanskrit root “Yug” which means “to unite, to bind together, to subjugate”, so it is the true union of our will with that of God.

Even without entering too deeply with the philosophy on which the Yoga rests, surely this is a discipline that can give many advantages to those who follow it with seriousness.  The Yoga practitioner will gain, over time, a more agile and snappy body and a more balanced and healthy mind.

Yoga for everyone.

You can start from small taking it as a game, perhaps combining it with Laughter Yoga, to gradually enter into contact with your body. Children learn to develop all their body skills such as balance, strength, and coordination but also mental skills such as concentration and self-confidence.

Yoga is also taking hold of pregnant women as it allows them to learn more about their body and their needs in order to achieve well-being for themselves and for the baby that will be born. By applying the correct breathing techniques (pranayama), combined with the positions, it is possible to relieve the pains of pregnancy and to live it in a more serene way.

Yoga is good for those who practice sports as it is compatible with all other activities and can help to achieve better results. Moreover, with Yoga, you gain a more elastic body in order to minimize the small accidents that often affect those who play competitive sports.

Finally, Yoga can also be done in old age as many of its positions do not require excessive effort but only concentration and will. If you then come to old age after practicing this sport for several years, you will have a youthful body and you will perform the exercises without problems.

The benefits of Yoga for the body.

There are numerous benefits of Yoga for our body:

  • harmonizes the body,
  • it makes the muscles tonic and snappy,
  • improves resistance to stress,
  • prevents diseases such as back pain.

Thanks to Yoga our body will be used to perform all movements and will respond better to the stress to which it is subjected.  Its benefits will be evident in everyday life as we will better resist physical exertions and, if we do competitive sports, our performance will undergo clear improvements.

The benefits of Yoga for the mind.

Practicing Yoga is also good for our emotional side:

  • helps concentration.
  • it improves our mental balance.
  • it makes us safer in ourselves.
  • lower the stress of everyday life.
  • it improves our sex life.

All these benefits are the result of constant training because keeping the various positions long. It is a job in which body and mind communicate and support each other. In this way, we get more and more in touch with ourselves and we are able to better manage all our needs.